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Uncommon truths regarding parasites.

Hunting, an ancient practice our ancestors performed for thousands of generations. Being born out of necessity, it has given mankind the ability to survive harsh environments such as the cold of winter. When the winds grow cold and the vegetation begins to whither and decay, the eyes of man would then look to other sources finding nourishment in what animals could provide in the absence of natures Spring and Summer abundances.

Fast forward to today, our practice includes an unquestioned supply of abundant meats, poultry and fish. Herded and raised on farms the choice meats we have today are not nearly the same foods we once hunted the lands for. They have been eating the same farm raised, mutated grains grown on soils that have been treated by chemicals. These chemicals, some having a rich history in offering deep controversy have ties to cancer, autoimmune diseases, and heart disease in humans.

Digging a little deeper, these toxic chemicals have a genetically modifying affect on the microbiome, disrupting the sub culture within our bodies and allowing rise to dangerous parasites and funguses. These creatures inside of us having not been nourished on the foods our once great ancestors have sparingly dined upon out of necessity, but are born from the gluttonous over eating of necrotic flesh. Over consumption of animal protein is a staple here in the United States. We can easily correlate our increasingly poor health to our inability to control our desires for meats. Instead we have turned to the glorifying eating tons of sacrificed animals, sometimes three times a day, for seven days in a week. Never taking a break. Only knowing meats as a primary source of food. It is an expensive way to live, both in resources and in health.

When the threshold of over consumption of animal protein is crossed, our bodies desperately seek to regain balance and control. It looks for help, seeking a way to consume, process, recycle, and get rid of the waste from us eating too much meat, the excess debris from fish and ocean bottom feeders, and piles of poultry residue. That call is readily answered by parasites. These metal scavenging, nutrient stealing creatures sit inside of us, growing, waiting, and multiplying not just their numbers, but our desire to continue to consume flesh… for their benefit! And with toxic endocrine disrupting chemicals accumulated in our foods we are not simply combating parasites, we are fighting mutated super bugs. They have learned and relearned to adapt and survive whatever conditions and environment we make our gut biome into. No longer will simple quick fixes or over the counter remedies work.

This is where Herbal Kemistry shines above all others. By applying strategic food management to help alter the bodies internal environment coupled with powerfully synergized herbs that nourish the body as well as attack a multitude of parasites, we have laid out, yet again, a step by step path to optimal health and well being. A path that will guide you physically in your day to day choices of food, herbs, and supplements. A path that will improve your connection to self, helping to remove that hollow feeling many of us experience in this digital age of over stimulation. And for those of us upon a spiritual journey of enlightening, it is of great importance to remove that which does not serve you and to make room for that which does. It is of utmost importance to make certain these parasites are “exorcised” from our bodies in order to purify our thoughts. Thoughts that are unaltered by the unquenchable desires of hundreds of tiny intestinal worms, each with their own desires, hungers, and mutated DNA harvested from the chemically treated DNA of the animals we (parasites and humans) consume.

Your journey starts here

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