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Is dirt good for you?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

What if I told you that dirt is not only good for you but is an essential part of your diet? Often overlooked, Bentonite Clay is a mineral rich detoxifier derived from mineral rich volcanic clay (aka...dirt!) It has been used by natives tribes all around the world! It was used by the British to treat acute food poisoning and in China to aid in treating cholera. After a process of sifting and separating the primary ingredient montmorillonite from clay, dirt and ash, it is then used for its highly negatively charged particulates that surround the edges of its smallest grain size. Bentonite Clay is not digestible, therefore it possesses powerful absorption by attaching toxins to itself and then carrying it out through the users stool. One particle of Bentonite Clay can hold up to 40 times its weight in positively charged substances such as toxins, algae, poisons, bacteria, etc. This amazing clay has been used for diarrhea, as a pesticide, acute food poisoning, to clean and disinfect wounds, immune support, and to improve the safety in water and food when they are consumed with the clay. What's the best part? It virtually has no side effects!

Although classified as a hydrated aluminum silicate, it is very different from other aluminum product such as those found in cooking utensils, deodorants and other items. In other words, the molecule within the Bentonite clay cannot be removed and absorbed with normal digestion.

Bentonite can be taken daily, preferably before a meal. Always drink plenty of water with it! I prefer to use up to one tablespoon with 12-16 ounces of water. Stir briskly or use a shaker cup. Bentonite Clay's negatively charged particles can sometimes get damaged if you use metal to stir, whisk or mix your clay, so be sure to use either plastic or wooden utensils in its preparation. You can also use it for skin conditions as its negative particles will draw toxins from your skin. Using less water, you can make a Bentonite paste and apply topically to external wounds, skin rashes, acne, and other skin disorders.

When taking Bentonite internally be sure to give yourself at least 2 hours before and after taking medications and or using any supplements as its absorptive qualities can easily absorb the effects of medications and strip the nutrients from supplements. It is best used on an empty stomach.

Bentonite is a key ingredient to Herbal Kemistry's Intestinal Scrub Capsules. Blended with slippery elm, psyllium and other herbs it is used to help promote the removal of toxic waste that built its way up in the gut. This powerful combination of herbs assists in the removal of toxic heavy metals in your system such as lead, cadmium and copper as well as provide bulk fiber. It also helps to soothe the lining by promoting mucilaginous production in your gut lining.

So if you are having digestive issues, skin problems, weight issues, toxicity, bloating, gas, or simply are being chased by an assassin attempting implement death by poison, make sure to stop and get yourself some "clean" dirt!

Below is a link to Herbal Kemistry's Intestinal Scrub Capsules.

Below is a link to an article referencing several studies on PubMed regarding the use and effectiveness in Bentonite.

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