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Changing Lives and Awakening Eyes One Spirit at a Time


My name is Jamard Banks Sr, a Medicinal Herbalist and Natural Health Coach. I am currently studying for a doctorate in Naturopathy at New Eden Studies of Natural Medicine. I also have over 10 years experience as a Certified Pharmacy Technician having experience in raw chemical compounding, IV preparation and in the preparation of chemo admixtures. After several years of education in holistic and natural health practices I have developed a very unique system to find and root out imbalances and dis-ease in my clients using a wide array of natural and often non-invasive diagnostic tools including tongue and nail analysis, Ph testing, iridology and detailed health appraisals. 


My studies in phytochemistry and the environment’s impact the current state of our food’s nutritional value has given me a distinct advantage in creating specific health plans for clients to learn their own personal natural health needs. By bringing together all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual health, clients are able to advance themselves through their day to day living with greater ease, finding health and wellness as a mechanism to keep moving forward towards optimal well being and happiness. 


In addition to servicing individual clients, I often travel and participate in large events to give lectures on natural health topics as well as stay up to date in the latest natural health sciences and their applications at yearly conferences and seminars. 



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