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Our Nutrient Sea Moss Pre-Mis Kit is packed with not just dehydrated golden AND red sea moss, but a healthy dose of YOUR CHOICE (up to 3) of: 


Ashwaganda (excellent for stress and inflammation)

Milk Thistle (liver and gall support)

Ginger (great for digestive imbalances)

Astragalus (immune system support)

Reishi Mushroom (immune system enhancement)

Rose Hips (bioavailable vitamin C)

Schizandra Berry (nervous system support)

Hawthorn Berry (cardiovascular support)


Simply add the contents to your saucepan along with 18 ounces of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a low simmer whisking frequently for 15 minutes. Add your Nutrient Blend Gel to your mason jar and refrigerate! 

Dehydrated Nutrient Sea Moss Pre-Mix Kit

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