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We all have parasites. The only question is how many, what kind and how long have they been living inside of you. Our parasite tincture is recommended to be used at least twice per year.


A perfect blend of clove, witch hazel, wormwood, black walnut and pumkin seed. Just 1-2 dropper fulls combined with a teaspoon of syrup or honey for 5 consecutive days will help to erradicate a variety of intestinal worms as well as assist in killing eggs as well. 


During parasite cleansing avoid consuming gluten, soy, wheat, dairy and animal proteins especially fish. You may alos want to avoid certain mold and glyphosphate rich nuts and seeds such as peanuts and cashews. Lastly, limit your intake of dates, craisins, raisins and other dried fruits.

Anti Parasitical Tincture

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