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Mon, May 09




This season we are proud to debut our first Spring Cleaning and Chelation Detox starting this May 2022!! Packed with metal clearing herbs, supplements, meditation and self awareness, colonics upgrade and dynamic guest speakers, this detox will get you all set to receive Spring’s uplifting bounty!

We have sold out!

Time & Location

May 09, 2022, 7:00 PM EDT – May 26, 2022, 7:00 PM EDT


About the Event

Our lives post pandemic has finally returned back to -some- sense of normalcy. Some of us had to make strong life changing choices to assist in the worlds drive for understanding and protection. These choices brought an opportunity for us to really dive deeper into some of the toxic materials we have been exposed to. Simply put, out environment from the water we drink, to the food we ingest, to the clothes we wear all contains different chemical constituents that mimic and function like known toxic metals. Metals like aluminum, a common metal found in anti-perspirants, soaps, skin care products, canned goods, and other prepared foods that stealthily builds up in the body causing a host of imbalances.

A “toxin” is defined as a harmful substance produced WITHIN living cells or organisms; synthetic toxicants created by artificial process are thus excluded. These toxins can only be removed when a conscious, active approach is taken to put the body into a state where it can successfully remove them. The complexities of food, metals, and nutritional deficiencies combine with a myriad of toxins and metals accumulating in our bodies causes them to stick to cellular tissue much more readily. Although there are levels that are often seen as “ok” our ability to remove this undesirable additions from our blood stream is simply not up to the task of managing all of these systems simultaneously.

Some symptoms of metal toxicity include the following-

Rough skin

Excessive perspiration

LOSS of FORMER TASTE of craving for meat


Belching accompanied by head colds

Constipation accompanied by throbbing headaches

Poor or failing memory


Kidney Disease

Anxiety or Irritability

Lack of ambition, apathy or depression



Metallic Taste in mouth

Diabetic tendencies

Inflamed gums

Finally, Jamard Banks Sr, Clinical Herbalist at Herbal Kemistry LLC has developed a system to enhance the bodies natural approach to assisting it in chelation. By using food and gentle herbs to slowly and safely extract, filter, and move unwanted accumulates all the while addressing the most important mind and meditative approach to integrated wellness. Our system includes a step by step program that provides nutritional guidance while chelating, an eighteen day calendar, instructional videos, and 4 powerful herbal and supplemental compounds prepared by our phyto-chemist Jamard. In addition we have mental health and meditative support, art therapy, tai chi, weekly team meetings, education, ongoing group support, herbal formula making class, hidden secrets of food combining, colonic hydrotherapy add on, and more!

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